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Digital Marketing


Digital marketing should now form the backbone of any proactive customer acquisition strategy. From the development of a search engine optimised website, through to intelligent harvesting of prospect data and outbound email contact, ATP can implement online processes that generate results.

Age Partnership

As lead design agency for Age Partnership, ATP continues to provide digital executions across a range of media including email templates, animated banners and web page layouts, most recently to support an extensive re-branding initiative.

Email marketing is a highly cost-effective customer communication and lead generation tool. Targeted and measurable, you can reach your customers and target prospects directly with a personalised message at a fraction of postage costs. Minstergate Group and Wycliffe Peugeot are just two motor retailers who benefit from ATP’s expertise in this field.

iphone email mock up 3.png
iphone email mock up 1.png

Minstergate and Wycliffe Peugeot

iPhone Tile Giant web design.jpg
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Tile Giant

Another client for whom email forms a key part of their marketing strategy, Tile Giant engaged ATP to prepare a portfolio of master email templates that could be easily populated and tailored to different audience segments, while still retaining the distinctive Tile Giant branding throughout.

Online Pay Per Click

Using SEO strategies, ATP can provide full digital delivery of online campaigns. These can be used to drive more traffic to your website, increase brand awareness or promote special offers and events. We then provide continued analysis of the campaign and optimise it to its full potential.


Web and online banner design

Our website portfolio features striking designs which are always built on intelligent, logical layouts that guide prospects through their journey and ultimately deliver lead conversion. Likewise, strategically placed web banners are a quick and effective way to capture the attention of an online audience. 

Web designs created include...

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