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Print Media

Tile Giant

For such an established industry, the possibilities of print media are constantly evolving. ATP’s clients have embraced the innovations afforded by digital print and personalisation techniques, which bring an added dimension to how their messages are delivered and assimilated by consumers. Moreover, to the lucrative Over-55 market, print media remains a key engagement channel, as deployed by numerous ATP clients.


With a brief to inspire their customers with up-and-coming looks and on-point design choices, ATP prepared the 2023 Trend Book for Tile Giant, sumptuously produced to show how the client’s products will blend seamlessly into a modern lifestyle.

Radio Times

As part of Age Partnership’s ongoing relationship with Radio Times, ATP has designed and produced a number of equity release guides for distribution within the iconic magazine. The perfect synergy between client, publication and audience, these guides deliver Age Partnership’s industry-leading products into the homes of one of the UK’s largest magazine-buying segments.


As part of an initiative to re-energise fleet sales, SEAT UK briefed ATP to prepare a marketing brochure to target fleet managers and other decision makers. Although strictly following SEAT’s corporate guidelines, the brochure allowed ATP to push the SEAT range in a much more forceful way than before, kick-starting a resurgence in SEAT’s fleet presence.


A more reassuring angle was required for this Covance brochure, a helpful guide for volunteers taking part in medical drug trials. The tone is warm and friendly, and is synchronised perfectly with all other marketing collateral within and outside of the clinic.

Direct Mail

Still a key marketing channel for many ATP clients with an audience in the Over-55 segment, innovations in printing have seen direct mail become a more powerful tool than ever, delivering unique content specifically tailored to each recipient’s personal profile. Such targeted approaches help direct marketing deliver greater returns on investment than ever before.

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Age Partnership

One such client at the forefront of direct mail innovations is Age Partnership, whose database of enquirers may be at very different stages of the sales process. By presenting tailored content, the client is able to make a much more relevant and emotionally charged proposal that speaks directly to the customer’s needs, leading to a higher response and improved sales conversions.

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